Pablo Dona


Born in 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dona’s work has been feature d widely in both solo and group presentations around the world. Since he was child, he was fascinated by the light and colors in nature. To him, the combination of these two represented the celebration of life. This interaction of color and light generates a vibration; one that we can’t see but we can definitely all feel. This vibration is in everything around us, including ourselves. There is a psychological aspect about color and light as well that caught his attention. With his work, he aims to create a bridge to childhood and tap into the emotions associated with the simple things in life that become magical when seen through the eyes of a child. Little by little we move away from ourselves, until one day the journey of going back home to your true self begins. The purpose of this path is to come back to where we started our journey, but this time knowing our way home and being able to share with others what we learned along the way.