WORK IN PROGRESS GALLERY (WIP) is a contemporary art gallery exhibiting collected colors from around the world. WIP is a constantly evolving space that offers everything but a predictable experience. Artists and collectors alike will be immersed in hues and tints that offer a fresh and accessible overview of contemporary art through playful pigmentation and fearless fun. Pulling works from an ever-replenishing palette of global talent, WIP curates unique exhibitions that leave bright marks on the cities it visits as well as the crowds that attend.

Farida El Solh

Born in Lebanon and raised by the world, Farida el Solh was always surrounded by art and architecture. Her passion drove her to New York where she plunged into the world of contemporary art while pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute. Following her heart as usual, Farida moved back to Beirut. She dreamt of a gallery that could transport her home country to a whimsical world of shades and hues, where international artists that embrace the spirit of color through playful work could be discovered. And so, WIP was born from her desire to disrupt the monotony of the art world with her spellbinding approach, and rejection of jaded conventionality.